Hello Welcome to Clever Cloggs nursery and preschool! We love to work with  young children, helping them to their greatest potential. With parents’ and guardians’ regular involvement, we help children discover their abilities and the world around them. Browse through our pages to discover more about our school..writing synthesis essays

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Congratulations to the following children for acceptance into schools.


Mutsawashe – into Lilfordia and Lusitania.


Panashe - into Eaglesvale


Ndaka - into Chisipite


Stephanie - into Convent and Lusitania


Thea - into Bishopslea


Mufaro - into Sharon 


Zarina - into Sharon 


Noku - grade o into Twin Rivers 

Murisi - into Sharon

Zuva - into Bishopslea grade 1 third term 2014



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